8+2 Decluttering Questions to Help You Let Go (Bionic Reading Version)

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Ilona T

2 min read

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Have you ever decided to end the chaos by minimizing your possessions? Intended to go through everything and toss a TON of stuff but ended up keeping the most because you couldn't talk yourself to toss all those perfectly good and usable items?

I know I have - many times!

I've compiled a set of questions to help me really think through if something is worth keeping:

  1. Would I buy this now?

  2. Do I have enough of these even if I throw this away? How many do I actually need?

  3. Do I really use this?

  4. Do I really like this?

  5. Is keeping this item worth the effort it takes to maintain and store it?

  6. If I threw this away, would I even remember it existed a month from now?

  7. I want to have a tidy home - does keeping this item make it easier or harder to achieve?

And if you're a crafter and a tinkerer, you may find these useful - or even life-changing:

  1. Will I really truly use this in a project or is it just a possibility that I might do in an ideal world? (Like how likely is it that I'll ever have time for it..?!)

  2. If I never saw this again, would the thought of the project even cross my mind?

These questions have helped me a lot and I hope they'll help you too!

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