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Koti kuosiin - testaajan kommentit / Sanna (in Finnish)

(This is a Finnish version of the Track to Tidy review by Sanna.) Ystäväni Sanna oli Koti kuosiin -pelin ensimmäinen testaaja. Tässä hänen kirjoituksensa kokemuksistaan pelin pelaamisesta ja sen tuloksista.

1 min read

It's OK not to have a cleaning routine!

If the phrase "regular cleaning routine" makes you want to curl up in the corner and cry (feeling like a failure) - this post is for you!

4 min read

3 root causes of clutter (and how to overcome each!)

When I was going through my track of thoughts that lead me to discover the solution to my messiness, I understood that there are three root causes of clutter that all need to be tackled to slay chaos.

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Track to Tidy - a tester review by Sanna

This is a guest post by Sanna, the first tester of the game Track To Tidy. "Since I was a kid, I've had trouble keeping things organized."

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6. ...which is slow and boring, so make it a game!

Track To Tidy Insights 6/6: The last waypoint on my track to tidy was figuring out how to make learning a bazillion habits one tiny step at a time fun and compelling.

4 min read

Simple Life Hack - less mindless scrolling

Do you feel the urge to check your phone every once in a while (or like every other minute)? Read on, I've got a simple hack for you!

2 min read

5. Make the steps so small, you can't fail...

Track to Tidy Insights 5/6: After the excitement of decoding the secret for permanent and rather effortless tidiness, I felt a short moment of despair.

2 min read

4. ...but actually, it's not one thing but a million different things!

Track to Tidy Insights 4/6: I had concluded that putting everything where they belong is the key to keeping your home tidy. But it was SO HARD for me!

2 min read

3. Do this one thing and you'll have a tidy home...

Track To Tidy Insights 3/6: I had lost all hope after trying organizing routines and minimalism. I had accepted my fate, nothing would work

3 min read

Get Rid of Your Worst Clutter Pile without Overwhelm Challenge

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