Dislike doing chores?
Why not make them fun?

Gamification can change the most mundane tasks to an engaging and even addictive game!

Try a FREE mission of Mission: Ducky Duties and get your dopamine flowing with the sweet sound of earning points, unlocking content, and finding surprises as you do quick'n'simple 5 min tasks to get your chores done!

Ducky Duties

If you find chores overwhelming, you'll love Mission: Ducky Duties!
Here's how it works:

  • You'll get random 5 minute Quests to get your chores done

  • Each Quest has clear step-by-step instructions

  • You'll get points from completing the steps
    (Beware, you may get addicted to the sound of points coming in!)

  • By earning points you'll unlock bonus content and may even find yourself in the middle of a ducky story..!


Available Missions

  • Mission 0: Free Sample Bundle
    (5 Quests + Bonuses & Surprises)

  • Bundle 1: Duckling Steps
    (50 Quests + Bonuses & Surprises)

  • Bundle 2:
    (50 Quests + Bonuses & Surprises)

Mission: Ducky Duties - 5-minute quests to get your chores done